MY inspiration

My mother taught me, over the course of her 12-year battle with cancer, that the greatest gift one could give to a person was to be fully present to their joy and suffering.  I derive so much passion from this work because it provides an opportunity for me to cultivate this open presence and awareness with others.

With children, this may develop through providing them opportunities to come to know and express themselves through play, art, or dialogue. In work with adults, this frequently develops through facilitating space to speak to things that were previously unspoken, to work through unhelpful patterns, and to heal old wounds. For families, this often comes from speaking their truths and seeking to understand one another.

Regardless of the medium of therapy or the age of my client, a theme inherent in all of the work is a process of building one’s capacity to be with the breadth of emotional experience.


TRAINING and Experience

I have a solid foundation of clinical experience from my doctoral training at the Wright Institute and through my work in multiple settings across the Bay Area. For two years, I supported youth and multi-stressed families through therapy and assessment as a clinician at Westcoast Children’s Clinic in Oakland's Fruitvale neighborhood.  At Kaiser Permanente Richmond’s Department of Child and Family Psychiatry, I provided individual therapy and  group therapy to children across the lifespan being treated for issues related to depression, anxiety, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and many other experiences. At Kaiser, I also provided nueropsychological assessment and personality assessment to children across the lifespan. While at The Berkeley Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT) ClinicI provided therapy to adults with issues including Bipolar Disorder, personality disorder, marital difficulties, depression, phobias, and anxiety. 

I am also supported in my work through years of training in science, education, and psychology. My fascination with the brain and behavior was cultivated through my studies of Biology at UC Berkeley. A scientist at heart, I lead with curiosity and am always considering the interplay between nature and nurture, between the brain and the environment.  I work to understand the interaction of multiple systems on human experience, including internal systems, family systems, cultural systems, and greater sociopolitical contexts.  Through therapy, I help people become curious about their inner experience as opposed to fearing it or avoiding it, which fosters growth. 


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